Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed it is the only things that ever has
- Margaret Mead

As a company we feel very fortunate to be surrounded by Rhode Island’s natural treasures. Part of our success is attributable to the natural beauty around which our businesses are located. Not only do we rely on the Rhode Island’s natural resources to bring guests to our businesses, but we also pride ourselves on the fresh ingredients that local fishermen and farmers are able to procure from the region. For these reasons, preserving the environment and being conscious of our environmental impact is extremely important to our company.

As we work towards becoming a more sustainable company we strive to minimize the ecological impacts of our products and actions, and to find ways to improve profitability thru environmentally conscious initiatives. In 2007 our “Green Committee” was established to identify and act on opportunities for NHC to positively and proactively impact the environment. Below is an evolving sample of initiatives we have put in place to help reach that goal. It is through these programs and those to come that we hope to inspire others in this journey. One step at a time.

  • In 2008, NHC is continued its support of wind power by contributing to NativeEnergy’s Farmer Distributed Wind projects. This program helps to build wind turbines located on American family farms in the mid-west.

  • During the calendar year of 2007 we offset 100% of Newport Harbor Corporation's electrical energy through the use of renewable wind energy credits. NHC chose to continue its support of wind power differently for 2008 with contributing to NativeEnergy’s Farmer Distributed Wind projects as noted above.

  • As always, all of the Newport Restaurant Group restaurants continue to support local farmers and fishermen, and use locally grown and organic products/produce wherever and whenever possible.

  • All of our restaurants donate their used cooking oil to Newport Biodiesel to be converted into biodiesel.

  • We have converted to compact fluorescent lighting, and motion sensors lights wherever appropriate, such as bathrooms and low traffic areas. In addition we properly dispose of compact florescent lights using a recycling system with the company in Worcester MA.

  • The Green Committee tracks and audits each of our business's energy use.

  • We have a companywide-recycling plan for all paper, plastic and glass and encourage our staff to abide by this program whenever possible.

  • 22 Bowen’s Wine Bar & Grille, The Mooring Seafood Kitchen & Bar, The Boat House were all awarded with RIHTA Green Certification.

  • The Smoke House uses compost degradable corn cups for all of their cold beverages.

  • Castle Hill uses environmentally friendly cleaning products for their housekeeping cleaners.

  • NHC encourages carpooling among employees whenever possible. In the summer months in Newport, when parking is especially hard to come by, we have initiated a carpool incentive. For employees who carpool to downtown Newport in the summer season, with at least 3 coworkers the Green Committee will take care of the cost to park at the NCCVB Gateway Center lot.

  • The Mooring is collecting old cell phones company wide for Eco-Cell. Which recycles the phones & uses them for disaster relief, hospital patients & developing countries abroad.
  • The Mooring uses 30% or more composition recycled paper for office printing and reuses second side of menu and wine list paper for reports.

  • After completing a water audit, The Mooring expects to save 395,063 gallons of water per year - a total of 32%! In order to do this they are installing low flow water aerators on all guest and kitchen hand sinks, they are converting to flush-less urinals in the men’s bathroom using EcoDisc and they are installing a control flow pre-rinse nozzle at the dish station.



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