Newport Harbor Corporation prides itself in employing only the finest in the culinary and hospitality industry. We believe in cultivating our team through hands-on mentoring and instruction, taking time to instill the highest regard for delivering exceptional quality and elegant service. Our businesses are diverse, providing our team with the opportunity for a variety of experiences throughout our organization.

Why work at Newport Harbor Corporation?  If NHC were a typical company, that would be an easy question to answer. There are all the usual things; competitive pay, complete benefit packages and stability in a proven company. However, employment at NHC is anything but usual. Throw in the dynamic energy of a forward and progressively- thinking company, whose each endeavor, from creating a world-class wine list to producing a summer music festival, commands absolute teamwork and constant turning of the creative wheel. Its where the challenges of balancing work, family and personal pursuits are understood, not underestimated, and the spread of unique locations allows for a choice ofA culture that embraces growth, self-respect and pride in your job. lifestyles easily spliced with exceptional career opportunity. This is why people come to, stay at, and often return to, Newport Harbor Corporation - for the acknowledgement of life as a whole, not life in bits and pieces.

All to-do lists aside, in the end we know it is these people who work here who are the true heart of the company. Passionate. Team-oriented. Inspirational. If there is a selection of words to define our employees, perhaps these do it best.

In the hospitality trade, a love for what you do is essential. At the heart of our profession, whether greeting a guest, creating a menu, or preparing a room, is the execution of a most memorable experience, and at the core, that experience is a reflection of the people who provide it. Employees of Newport Harbor Corporation share their passion each day amongst colleagues and clients, often shown in the consistent grace in their efforts, but also in small, thoughtful gestures- not the items un-forgotten, but the unique details added. These creative, personal touches, brought about by a genuine love for the job, are what set us apart from the rest.

We want to find people that really believe in what we are going as a company.When such passion is surrounded in kind, it grows. As it grows, it excels. As an employee-owned company (ESOP), we believe in a work culture that nurtures this growth and entrepreneurial spirit. We recognize each other as a part of our team, each bringing his or her own talent, experience, and ideas to the table. We listen. We communicate. We work hard together, and we laugh together. We believe that this sense of unity, tied to the common goal of seeking excellence in everything we do, is ultimately what has made us a leader in the industry.

But what really drives the spirit and ignites the passion? It must be inspiration - the gift of support that encourages the next exciting step, whether for the company as a whole or at the personal level of career and character. In recent years NHC has been inspired by its own employees to be more environmentally responsible. Today we have committed to our own, as well as local, green initiatives, including our policy to support local fisherman and farmers whenever possible, particularly those who use organic or sustainable methods, by donating our cooking-oil to Newport Bio-diesel, and the implementation of a company-wide recycling program. At the career level, we have seen bussers transform into chefs or assistants grow into General Managers due to recognition of hard work and hands-on mentoring from their colleagues. Some have transformed careers entirely, from kitchen to corporate, for example. We are proud to have this vital inspirational spirit A culture that embraces growth, self-respect and pride in your job.threaded through our company culture and to see the positive result at so many levels.

 At NHC, we all aspire to be the best we can be – on a company level and a personal level. It is our hope that each employee finds the passion, the support, and the inspiration here to build character and relationships, fulfill professional goals - and has a little bit of fun while doing it.

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